Already started university?

If you’ve already started university or are planning to start this year, you can still apply for student finance.
We accept applications up to nine months after your course start date.
Here’s our Payment Checklist for students:

- You've submitted your application and all the correct supporting evidence (deadline dates were in May & June).
- You've signed and returned your declaration form
- You've registered at university/college
- Your university/college has confirmed your attendance to us
- You’ve allowed a few working days for the funds to be paid into your bank account

What does your 'Application Payment Status' mean?

Blocked – new students' loan payments are "blocked" while Student Finance England confirm your National Insurance number (NINO) with the Department for Work and Pensions. The block is automatically removed as soon as your NINO is confirmed.
Payments may also be blocked if you have not supplied Student Finance England with your bank details or we're checking the bank details you've provided. If you have not provided bank details, do this online now and make sure payments are not unnecessarily delayed.

Approved – Student Finance England have assessed your application for finance and once your university has confirmed your attendance your funds will be released. Not all universities send confirmation of attendance the day you register, could be a few days later. Keep an eye on your online account and call us if your payment status doesn't change to submitted a few days after registration.

Submitted – the payment has been prepared and will normally be paid within three or four working days.

Paid – the payment has successfully been paid

Got a question about your student finance application? Student Finance England’s helpline is open   seven days a week, from 8am-8pm every weekday and 9am-5.30pm at weekends.  We also answer queries on Facebook and Twitter: follow Student Finance England at and